First Desi virtual WordPress conference

30 - 31 May 2020 :: 1400 - 1700 IST

WP-CLI: A Good Friend of Developer with Chandra Patel

WP-CLI is a great companion for developers who can leverage many of its features/functionality in their day-to-day development. In this session, I’ll give an introduction to WP-CLI, the basics command it provides, and how we can use it. He will also discuss the other benefits, common useful commands in WP-CLI, installing external commands, and a quick introduction to creating a custom command.

About Chandra Patel

Chandra fell in love with WordPress in 2014 while freelancing as a web developer. He has grown since then to become a regular Core contributor, General Translation Editor for Gujarati, and has contributed to WordPress Meta projects.

Currently, Chandra is a Director of Engineering at rtCamp, and also lead their internal training program. Over the years, he has developed a love for learning, and hope to learn WordPress ever more “deeply”.

You can catch him reading, watching movies and exploring the city over the weekends.

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