First Desi virtual WordPress conference

30 - 31 May 2020 :: 1400 - 1700 IST

WordPress & Gatsby: Full Speed Ahead with Muhammad Muhsin

Using WordPress as a decoupled backend for a Gatsby site brings many advantages. However, you also lose out on some of the features you had in your WordPress sites – like Comments and Search. In this talk, Muhammad will present some ways you can add those functionalities back, and about having a live connection to your WordPress site!

About Muhammad Muhsin

Muhammad started working with WordPress and React in 2016 and has loved the experience ever since. He currently works as Senior React Developer at rtCamp. He has been a speaker at multiple conferences and meetups. He also writes for publications like Smashing Magazine. When he is not working with WordPress or React, you can find him reading or trying out different hobbies.

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