First Desi virtual WordPress conference

30 - 31 May 2020 :: 1400 - 1700 IST

How WordPress is helping Individuals & Businesses during COVID-19 with Priyanka Hansawat

The world is in the middle of COVID 19 outbreak, and the existing crisis is affecting everyone right from the consumers to businesses, the small/local businesses who are yet not online are getting affected more than the ones with an online presence. Suddenly, transitioning the business models to online seems quite challenging for the SMEs. However, the WordPress community has a solution for it. With the availability of a lot of free online content, the community is empowering individuals/businesses to make their online presence with free websites. In this session, Priyanka will be sharing her views on how WordPress is helping individuals and businesses during COVID19.

Who can benefit from this session?

  • Business owners
  • Startups
  • Individual freelancers
  • Job seekers

About Priyanka Hansawat

Priyanka is currently working as a Community Manager at IdeaBox Creations, Udaipur. Her responsibilities include strategy, content writing, and handling social media accounts. She has been working with digital channels for more than three years. Her expertise lies in making a social media strategy to increase engagement & selling products online.

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